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Product overview SEALMATIC 980 TS

Crimping press with integrated stripping unit, combined with seal mounting unit to process single wires or mantled multi-core wires. In one cycle, the wire is stripped, a seal is mounted, and a terminal is crimped. The wire is not moved during the entire process.
Eccentric press with quick-change applicator fixture and electronic control with jog mode for easy set-up.
The pneumatic stripping unit has been designed for standard side feed applicators. It is suitable for processing standard terminals within the wire size range of 0,35 - 2,5 mm².
The wire cross-section, the stripping length and the position of the wire to the terminal are manually adjustable. These adjustments are repeatable at any time.
With the adjustable Corrective Cut, 1,5 - 5 mm can be cut off the wire end. This guarantees a continuous stripping length.
The seals are automatically transported by a linear conveyance system.
The waste management keeps the working area clean of corrective cut and stripping remains up to 7 mm. The package consists of waste tube, exhaust funnel and mounting material.
The Defective Crimp Cutting System (DCC system) separates and cuts defective crimps immediately (only possible in combination with crimp control).
Including spool arm and safeguard.


Technical specifications:

Crimp force:

20 kN

Drive power:

0.75 kW


frequency-controlled drive motor

Supply voltage:

230 V, 3~/N/PE, 50/60 Hz

Wire cross-section:

up to 2.5 mm² (13 AWG)

Dismantling length:

min. 35 mm

Stripping length:

max. 12 mm

Seal dimensions (max.):

Ø 10.5 mm, Length: 10 mm


41 mm

Closing height:

135.78 mm

Cycle time:

ca. 2 s

Sound pressure level:

< 75 dB (A)

Dimensions (W x D x H):

490 x 720 x 780 mm


ca. 150 kg